Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Remove Wax Build-Up from Wood Furniture

Q. I have a horrible waxy buildup on my tabletop. How can I remove it?
A. There are furniture cleaner products that will remove waxy buildup. If you have been using a beeswax product, then you have been applying too much if you have buildup. You shouldn't have to wax more than once or twice a year, and you should just dust between applications. If you have been using a paste furniture wax like beeswax and you see ripples, you have applied too much. Polishes and oils should never be used over a furniture wax coat. The great thing about beeswax is that all you have to do is buff to restore shine. Avoid furniture waxes that contain any solvents, as they can destroy lacquer finish on furniture.

If you have been using some of the popular spray furniture polishes, they likely contain silicone. Silicone will build up, dull, and soften furniture finishes over time. And, they are noted for allowing fingerprints to show. These tend to be the TV advertised products.

It costs almost $1,000 to have a tabletop refinished, depending upon where you live. Thus, it is important to properly maintain your finish. Maintaining a wax finish is important to the maintenance and protection of a tabletop. Buy a high-quality, cabinetmaker's wax, one designed specifically for wood furniture, at woodworking stores or through mail order catalogs or onlinet. Some notable brands include Liberon's Black Bison, Goddard's, Butcher's Wax, Antiquax, and Renaissance Wax.

It is recommended that an oil-free, wood finisher's 0000 steel wool is used to apply wax to avoid streaks and blurs. Cloth applications take much more effort. Apply wax in circular motion and finish off by rubbing along grain. On new furniture pieces, 3-4 light coats of wax applied at four to eight hour intervals is usually good to establish a good protective coating. Cotton diapers, old terry towels, or T-shirts are great for buffing.

Furniture experts recommend dusting weekly with a soft, dry, all-cotton cloth. Don't use polishes or oils over your coat of protective wax. Wipe up spills as soon as possible to prevent spotting. Use coasters under glasses and vases, and pads or trivets under hot dishes. Reapply a coat of wax when you can no longer buff the coating to a shine.

If you do not have a store in your area that has a furniture wax remover, search the Internet. Then, provide your tabletop with a protective finish and maintain as recommended.
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