Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Think Outside the White Paint Box: What Different Colors Do for Your Rooms

Pop quiz: What kind of mood are you in right now? The answer to that question might have a lot to do with the color of the walls you're currently staring at. Many tests have been conducted by researchers that show room colors can affect our moods. It's why prisons are painted a certain hue; they want to try and keep the inmates calm. Same for hospitals and schools. The color of your rooms also says a lot about your personality. This doesn't mean if you prefer white walls that you should be considered "bland." Far from that! However, if you're looking into giving your interiors a makeover, it might be time to think outside the "white paint box" and bring a little zing into your home.
Beyond being inspired by a decorating magazines or what you might see on a home improvement show, you have to think about what you want your new colors to say. Yes, your paint colors have a language all their own. They're either talking in a neutral, passive or active voice. In other words, just like everyone you know!
Here are some color choices and what they might do for a room:


A calm room is a blue room. Those paint color research studies have found that rooms painted with a soft blue shade can actually lower blood pressure and slow down your heart rate. This makes blue a good pick for a bedroom or bathroom. Just be on the lookout for what blue can do. A pastel blue hue might come across as "chilly" when covering large wall areas. You can even-out that effect with warm fabric choices for your furniture or drapery. Don't swing to the opposite end of the blue spectrum with something like a navy blue. That has been shown to evoke sadness. Keep it bright.


Yellow is a very active color in terms of creating energy and openness. It works great in kitchens and dining rooms. Yellow has a tendency to open up a room which makes it a perfect pick for hallways and other smaller areas. Just keep the yellow out of the nursery. It has been shown that babies tend to be fussier in a yellow room.


"Game of Thrones" fan? Then you'll want to think about a regal shade of purple for your home screening room. The eggplant shade of purple is often associated with wealth and sophistication. It can also be conducive to creativity. Maybe it will look good in your home office.


Orange is another terrific energy color. Not so good for a family room or bedroom but great for a workout room. This is a kind of pulsating shade that could also work in the bathroom to give you an extra-added boost to start your day.


If you want to fire up the conversation go with a red room. That's why you'll find many dining rooms and living rooms embracing a shade of red. Red creates a bold first impression so think about using it in your entryway. Whereas blue might slow things down, red will pick them up. You'll get your blood racing for sure with this blood shade.


Think of green as a deep, cleansing breath. A green room puts out a clean, cool vibe that can work in a kitchen or family room. Green helps people relax. Some cultures also consider green as an enhancement for fertility, so young couples might want a green bedroom to get the family started!

Grab Your Brush

Today most paint suppliers offer samples of colors for you to "live with" before fully committing to. This is a great opportunity to go bold with some of your choices and see how they look in your home. Worst-case scenario you can always repaint!

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